Tommy’s Express San Antonio Operating with LEED Certification


From building material selection to interior air quality, low energy use, and water efficiency, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings represent a considerable commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible practices.


Under the leadership of Nicolaas Blom of Windmeer Enterprises, Tommy’s Express Car Wash of San Antonio, a Totally Tommy car wash and Tommy’s Express Car Wash franchise, has been operating as the first and only LEED Certified car wash in the state of Texas since the car wash’s grand opening event earlier this year.


Each LEED certified site has been designed to leave a particularly low impact on the environment during both construction and daily operations while maintaining good air quality and minimizing energy consumption.


The Tommy’s Express site earned its Silver certification with a highly energy efficient design, dramatic reduction in water use, responsible materials selection, and indoor environmental quality.  Of particular note, the car wash uses a water reclamation system with Rotating Bed Biofilm Reactor (RBBR) technology to minimize its overall water consumption without sacrificing performance or wash quality. In fact, the technology allows the wash to reclaim and re-use up to 90% of the water used to wash each car—up to 40% more than industry standard.


This system pairs well with Tommy Car Wash Systems’ highly efficient and targeted wash equipment, and the Tommy’s Express Car Wash franchise’s partnership the nonprofit organization Water Mission, which promotes access to clean water in disadvantaged communities globally.


Tommy Car Wash Systems


VisionQuest Family of Companies Celebrates Growth


The Michigan-based VisionQuest Inc. family of companies celebrated another year of growth and camaraderie at the Summer 2018 corporate rally in Holland, MI. Team members from sister companies including car wash developer Tommy Car Wash Systems, the Tommy’s Express Car Wash franchise corporate office, beloved West Michigan car wash brand Quality Car Wash, Tommy’s Express Car Wash corporate locations, corporately-owned Tim Horton’s franchises, and professional marketing group Navigate all gathered to share the year’s accomplishments and reinvest in a shared identity of service, value, and mission.


Highlights included Tommy Car Wash Systems’ dramatic growth in number of yearly projects scheduled, explosive Tommy’s Express Car Wash franchisee growth, national recognition for Tim Horton’s quality of operations, Navigate’s acquisition into the VisionQuest family of companies, and record sales and expansion across the Tommy’s Express and Quality Car Wash locations.


Teams also took time to recognize the various philanthropic priorities held by the assembled companies. These include support of Water Mission, which provides clean drinking water to communities in need worldwide, and Hand2Hand, which offers nutritious free food to thousands of meal-unstable school-aged children during school days and weekends. The VisionQuest team members even took time during the event to package over 2000 meal packs for school-aged children with a small, personal note card placed in each.


VisionQuest is currently recruiting to fill a variety of positions, with competitive benefits and pay available for qualified applicants. Visit for more information.


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