The Tommy Triple Presoak Arch System

Targeted, Powerful, Efficient

Triple Presoak Car Wash Arch

Presoak detergents are incredibly important for starting the wash and loosening up caked on dirt, grime, and bug splatter—but if your presoak system can’t be targeted to deliver the right amount of presoak to the right points on the vehicle your wash WILL use up excess water, chemical, and energy resources and WILL cost you extra money.

To meet the need for a better performing and more accurate presoak system that doesn’t require extra staff or manual labor we developed the Tommy Triple Presoak Arch, a fantastic performer in all our current wash systems.

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7 Reasons to Trust Tommy Car Wash Systems

Whether you’re opening your next wash, looking to supply or rehab an established one, or want to break into the car wash industry with your very first site, Tommy Car Wash Systems can help you with unique, industry-leading site development services, equipment packages, and finished building designs. We are here to make sure, above all, that your wash is successful from day one and into the future.

Best Car Wash

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Car Washes and Water Efficiency

The California drought continues to worsen and some parts of the country are drier than they have been in decades. With ever-stricter water use restrictions being put into effect many laymen would think that car washes are probably going out of business. After all, car washes use hundreds of gallons of water on each car, right?

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Car Washes and Car Safety

Are Car Washes Safe for Cars? And When Shouldn’t You Take a Car Through Your Local Wash?

Not all car washes are created equal or equally maintained, but assuming that a car wash is modern, well designed, and in good condition, is it safe for cars? Of course it is! New technology and modern practices have driven astonishing advancement in modern car wash engineering and design and modern automatic car washes are safer and more effective for vehicles than ever before. Let’s take a look at a few of the systems that car washes are designed with in order to protect customer vehicles from damage and then some of the main risks of damage and when you should avoid the wash.

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Adding Washes to Car Care Profit Centers

Car wash tunnels are a natural fit and add-on for many different car care businesses and can turn single-service sites into explosive multi-profit centers with tremendous profitability. Customers appreciate the convenience they receive when more services are offered in one location and they often give washes at a major car care location a greater share of trust, and a much greater share of their business.

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10 Steps For Starting a Car Wash From The Ground Up

As a 40 year veteran car wash equipment manufacturer and site developer, we’ve seen it all. We know what a daunting and potentially confusing process starting a new car wash can be. What comes first? Prospecting site locations? Securing financing? Assessing your market? How soon should you begin marketing? How long will the process take?

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