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Take a look at the local car washes in your town sometime. In most of the nation, you’ll find a few self-serve wash stations, a large number of automatic in-bay washes, some fundraisers with kids and sponges, and a few tunnel washes that may or may not be showing their age.

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The Totally Tommy Mini vs. In-Bay Automatic Washes

As our team travels throughout the United States building car wash facilities we constantly pass by small, dingy, and often idle automatic in-bay car washes, and we’ve come to believe that these washes are quickly on the way out, but that there ABSOLUTELY is a need for small, flexible automatic car wash systems near gas stations or placed in small communities. But what exactly makes our Totally Tommy Mini a better option over in-bay automatic car washes?

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Millennials and Car Washes

5 Tips For Bringing Young Adults Into Your Car WashFirst Offer the Best Experience Possible

It’s no secret that the newest American generation, the enigmatic, connected, tech-savvy group known as Millennials, make for a very difficult and interesting marketplace. Car washes are one great example, and so far the industry has had mixed results marketing and holding on to this group.

Here are five tips we’ve discovered can go a long way towards getting young adults into your wash and keeping them on as loyal customers:

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5 Striking Benefits of Tommy Belt Conveyors for Modern Car Washes

Better Car Wash, Better ResultsCustomers continue to ask, call, and order new Tommy Car Wash Inbay Conversions, and with the trend showing no sign of stopping we thought it would be good to write out a few of the advantages that the Tommy Car Wash and AVW’s Transporter Conveyor holds over old-style chain and over-under conveyors.

1. Simpler Construction, Less Maintenance

The Tommy Transporter Dual Belt Conveyor System is, in simple terms, a far less complex device than older style chain rollers—and that simplicity counts for everything. Using principles developed in factories and across various industries our system aggressively cuts down on moving parts to streamline the finished installation as a whole, making everything easier from usage to maintenance.

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L.E.D. Lighting Retrofits

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are the perfect solution for modern car wash lighting and with the Tommy Car Wash Retrofit package you can keep your current transformer but upgrade to use this improved technology with our enhanced sign panels.


But why are LEDs better for automatic and express car wash systems?

-Low drain/low cost. They use less than 10% of the energy as older florescent lights for the same output.

– More durable, able to survive the high moisture environment of a car wash

-Longer lifespan, hitting 50,000 hours compared to 1,500 hours for incandescent bulbs.

-Green materials, because we all love the environment _ 

Visit our store for new and used car wash equipment and to order your new Totally Tommy car wash sign panels and car wash lighting today!


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Tommy Car Wash Salutes Tulip Time!

It’s that time of year again!

Spring is finally here and with it the annual Holland Michigan Tulip Time Festival! Our friends at Quality Car Wash have been hard at work decorating their float (featuring our own Tommy arch design and rear huggers!) for the Wednesday parade. You can see it again on Saturday, so come on out with our staff and support a unique tradition and the Holland community!

Car Wash Float

Tommy Car Wash Systems

Daily Deal Sites and Car Wash Marketing

 Groupon and Daily Deals


UntitledWhen Groupon hit the scene back in 2008-2010 it was groundbreaking, the first of its kind and one of the fastest growing and most innovative companies in history. But success attracts imitation and Groupon soon found itself swamped in competition from other brands copying its model and cutting into its customer base.


Today Groupon still has a very large and loyal customer base (the largest in the industry) but there are plenty of other options for daily deals and online coupons including LivingSocial and Amazon Local (though many copycats have fallen by the wayside in the past three years). This expanded marketplace presents interesting opportunities for car washes.

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In-Bay Washes: Pros and Cons

With the new Tommy In-Bay Conveyor system refit taking off in car washes around the country, we thought it would be a good idea to take a step back and look at a few of the advantages and disadvantages of small in-bay automatic car washes, and how our conversion system can completely transform an old in-bay at a very reasonable price point.


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