Soo-Soft® Car Wash Water Softeners for Greener Operations and Better Water

Water softening is one of the most critical processes to a car wash business, yet for most car washes, it’s an extremely expensive and environmentally hazardous process. Processing such large volumes of water using traditional salt-based water softening systems requires the use of several large salt tanks, which take up valuable space, electricity and softening materials such as salt brine and resin beads. Traditional salt-based water softening systems used in most car washes use large volumes of salt brine, the costs of which can add up over time. The large quantities of used salt brine and resin beads must be disposed of as well; brine typically ends up in rivers and eventually the ocean, which is very toxic to the environment.

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Buddy Bear Car Wash Now Open at Cicero Ave. Chicago

We recently completed an exciting new Tommy Wash project on Cicero Avenue in Chicago, near the Midway airport. The new wash, “Buddy Bear Car Wash”, is a renovation project done by owner Phil Degerato, who converted the facility from a dilapidated wash to a beautiful redone fully automated express wash with auto tellers and self loading transporter belt.


Totally Tommy Express Car Wash

Newly constructed express car wash.

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Car Wash Industry’s Next Big Development

I have never before been so excited about the state of our industry and state of our company. We are cresting on a wave of game-changing technology that will forever change the car wash industry.

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